Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the kitchen

baking cookies
We cook together everyday. The kids and I. Well Rocky hangs out on the floor and gobbles up what we drop ( no Rocky is not our dog, he's my into everything 10 month old). The kids love it, and I'm learning to love it. I always secretly question my choice in deciding to homeschool because, well, I'm just not the most patient mom around. I'm learning though, I'm stirring and kneading and baking my way to being a more relaxed mom. My kids love pulling up a chair to stand on, pouring ingredients, getting their hands dirty. I want them to love creating, to know where their food comes from, and to smell and feel the formation of a meal. Every time we make something there comes a moment where I have a quick chat with myself. It goes something like this. "It's OK, it's just flour and egg, her hair is washable, don't freak", or "breathe Heather, we have more milk, it was an accident, and Rocky is having fun splashing around in it now, BREATH, don't snap!!" I know I'm slightly uptight, like I said I'm working on it. The joy I get from watching my kids smile and get so excited is worth it for me. Yesterday we all stood around a garbage can and shucked corn for some corn chowder. They were amazed at the silky hair and took the husks outside to play with. Tonight it will be homemade pizza, always a favorite. Cook with your kids, I promise you there are lessons to be learned and fun to be had.