Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Field Trip to Studio Grow

Studio Grow in Berkeley was the Contra Costa Homeschool meetup's first field trip. It was a rainy day so the place was extra busy. Helen and Amy and Heather and their kids made it out and we enjoyed watcheing our kids run wild in their building.
Music time was my favorite. They had a talented singer and guitarist who led the kids in a bunch of fun songs sung in both Spanish and English.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dry ice

dry ice

dry ice
My husband brought home some dry ice to play with.

Things to do with dry ice:
- put in in water
- watch it bubble and smoke
- make howling ghost noises over the smoke
- wave your hands and blow at the smoke
- color the water
- put things in to see if they float or sink
- put in baking soda to see if it "explodes" (it didn't)
- touch the freezing glass bowl

fun fun