Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nature: The Great Teacher

Early on my son Jack showed a very strong and clear connection with nature. As a baby I would pace back and forth in our little apartment with him as he cried endlessly, exhausting every method I could think of for consoling him. One day I stepped out the front door with him and he was calmed instantly. I would spend my days walking all around my neighborhood, pushing him in his stroller as he happily drooled and gazed at everything around him. As he has gotten older he has become "friends" with the little harlequin bugs in our back yard. He holds them and lets them crawl up and down his arms. He loves flowers and all sorts of creatures. I ran into a friend at the park today. A former teacher and now tutor. She advised me I should be teaching Jack his numbers and letters and making sure he knows his address because "at this age a 5 year old needs to be learning independence" huh? really? I thought. For me that is maybe the last thing I want Jack to be learning right now. I'm glad his head is getting filled up with the things he loves, the bugs and flowers and trees. I'll wait till he's a little older for lessons in independence.

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